Meet the Coaches

Head Coach - Karen


 Karen took part in  Womens Artistic gymnastics as a child before switching to athletics. Her love of gymnastics was reignited when her children joined gymnastics classes. Karen is a mum to 4 children, her 3 daughters working alongside her at Fenix GC. She has been coaching for over 20  years and is Qualified in General, Pre-school, Rhythmic,  Acro, Disabilities and Fun 4 Baby Gymnastics.

Coach Abbie


Abbie is an Ex - gymnast who competed in Tumbling and Acrobatic gymnastics . She started at the age of 3 and has competed Regionally , Nationally and in International events. She has been coaching for 7 years and holds Acro and general qualifications in gymnastics and lvl 2 NVQ in sports & excercise, level 3 extended diploma in sports science.

Coach Sally


Sally is a mum of 5, she got into coaching to help out a small club that her twin daughters were attending, it was here she met Karen (head coach) and has coached alongside her ever since. Sally has been coaching for 10 years and particularly enjoys teaching the Parent & Child class aswell as Disabilities

 She currently works full-time as a one to one in a special needs school.

Coach Charlotte


Charlotte is an Ex-gymnast who then trained in performing arts. She has been coaching for 12 years and is qualified in General , Pre-School, Acrobatics and Disability Gymnastics. She enjoys creating routines, displays and editing routine music.



Team Fenix volunteers



Grace is an Ex-gymnast. Starting gymnastics at the age of 2, she began competitively training at 10 in Acrobatic gymnastics. She competed at Regional, National and International events.

While she has her proficiency coaching award, she predominantly helps behind the scenes.



Emily is an Ex -gymnast , she started in General gymnastics before moving into competitive Acrobatic gymnastics, competing at Regional, National and International level. Emily is currently in her final school year, finishing her GCSE's . She holds her proficiency coaching award and is currently in process of completing her level 1 coaching qualification. Emily enjoys helping the children to achieve their targets by keeping it fun.



Tillie is a gymnast with Fenix GC, she holds her proficiency coaching award and is looking forward to taking her level 1 coaching qualification later this year. Tillie  still  competes in Artistic, Rhythmic and Trampolining. She competed Acrobatics in 2017 and placed 2nd in Regionals and Nationals.




Richard help his wife Karen in running the Gymnastics club. He is always on hand to help with anything that needs doing, from moving equipment to making the gymnasts laugh.