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Poole Open Disability competition 20th year

This weekend was  the 20th Year of the Poole open disability competition.

We were luck to have taken  10 of our children to compete over the weekend . They took part in Rhythmic, Trampoline , Men's and Women's Artistic competitions. all of the children were amazing and worked very hard to achieve not only medals but great memories and new friends.
We are heading home with a tally of 9 gold, 11  silver and 5 bronze medals.

In trampoline we had children compete in 6 bounce and 10 bounce routines. 

Rhythmic competition consisted of ribbon, hoop ,ball and rope routines 

artistic was  floor vault beam and p-bars in artistic men's / women's.

our youngest gymnast who took part this year is 8 years old and our oldest this year is 18 years old.

a very big well done to all gymnasts who competed this year and to our parents who show endless support